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Saintly Stripey Southampton

Southampton City Council Planning Committee has approved a plan to paint a block of flats near the football stadium in the club colours of red and white stripes.

However the proposal caused divides in the Council between the housing team who were making the proposal and the Planning Department who opposed it.

Housing chief, Howard Payne, said the residents of the flats had been consulted and 35 out of 47 were in favour.

He said it was “overwhelmingly the favoured choice by the residents in the building to go for the red and white colour scheme”

“The reason why red and white was put forward as a colour scheme is that Albion Towers is adjacent to St. Mary’s and therefore the idea is to have Albion Towers coloured in a similar colour scheme to Southampton Football Club’s colours

“We have spoken to the club about the concept and they are on board with the proposals

“Indeed we have even had officers go to the club shop to see the exact shade of red in the Saint’s colours so we can make sure it is exactly the same”.

However, the Council’s planning department objected to the proposal saying,

“Whilst the re-cladding ¬†of the building presents the opportunity to improve the appearance of the building, to a degree, the extent and tone of the red colour proposed, ¬†against a contrasting white render, would not achieve the desired effect.

“Rather, since the colour choice is unusual in this context, the amount and striped nature of the colour application would instead accentuate the poor design of the building and increase its negative prominence within the cityscape.

“This impact is considered to be particularly harmful to the visual quality of the city centre given that the building would be readily visible from longer-distance views and key approaches into the city, including the train line.”

So, in the red corner, housing officers, and in the blue corner, planning officers. Ding ding!

When the proposal came before councillors for a decision, the red corner won with three votes in favour, one against and one abstention.

The work should be completed by March 2017.


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