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Mock castle demolition begins

It has been reported that the notorious mock castle built by the equally notorious Robert Fidler without planning permission and which he attempted to conceal behind a wall of straw bales for four years so it could gain indemnity from enforcement (and therefore legality), is finally being demolished after one of the longest running planning battles in recent years.

The building was constructed in 2000 and the Council ordered it to be demolished. It wasn’t and enforcement notices were issued. These were not complied with and a string of appeals and court proceedings followed.

Essentially every level of court found against Mr Fidler.

Matters concluded (if they have been concluded; in this saga it is unwise to make that assumption) when the High Court (in contempt of court proceedings brought by the Council) ordered that Mr Fidler would face a three month prison sentence if he did not comply with the order requiring demolition of the property by 6 June 2016.

It was reported in April that Mr Fidler was saying he would comply, but Exeter Planning has not seen anything to confirm, now that the deadline has passed, that has actually happened. Watch this space.

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