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Cornwall planning say “No”

Cornwall Council has been heavily criticised for refusing too many planning applications, giving the impression that the County is “closed for business”.

A peer review of planning performance in the County describes the attitude of councillors towards their own professional officers as “totally unacceptable”.

The report says “We had an overwhelming sense that mutual trust and respect had broken down between some councillors and Development Management case officers. It was reported to us that councillors had at times clearly overstepped the line resulting in the use of inappropriate criticism and language”.

A joint report by the Planning Advisory Service and Local Government Association says councillors are too susceptible to lobbying by local residents usually opposed to development, resulting too many appeals being allowed, often with orders that the Council has to pay the successful appellant’s costs.

This highlights the debate about the respective roles of planning decisions being made on the basis of the Development Plan (a legal requirement) and usually advocated by officers on the one hand and Planning Committee members democratic mandate to represent their residents on the other

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