Enforcement is a very technical area of Planning Law and has generated significant case law.

Obviously it is better to to negotiate a solution with the Council, and the Council will rarely take formal action before discussing the situation with you or your adviser. It may be, for example, that the Council invite you to submit a retrospective planning application.

However, if enforcement action is taken the consequences can be serious. I have included some “horror” stories on the news page. You may have to stop using land or buildings in a certain way, or you may have to demolish buildings (and if you don’t the Council may do it and charge you!). If you are visited by an Enforcement Officer it is very important that you seek professional advice without delay.

Also, if you do not comply you may be prosecuted.

There is usually a right of appeal against a notice (but not always). Generally any appeal has to be brought within 28 days, so seek advice quickly. My contact details are at the top of the screen.

I have significant experience in enforcement and can advise you whether a notice is technically valid. I can also negotiate with the Council, and advise you on the prospects of a successful appeal. If you do decide to appeal I can prepare the necessary documentation, and represent you at a hearing or public inquiry.