What is shown on this page is a summary of my Pricing Schedule. More details of this and my Terms and Conditions of Business can be seen by clicking on the Fees tab at the top of the screen screen and selecting the appropriate option.

Fees are normally calculated on the basis of the time spent. Currently my hourly rate is £10.00 per unit of 6 minutes (i.e. £100 per hour). There are, however, certain areas of work where I charge a fixed fee (see below).

The hourly rate covers:

  • Meetings with yourself, any other relevant professional advisers and Council officers
  • Attending Planning Committee meetings
  • Site visit
  • Correspondence (writing and considering correspondence received
  • Telephone calls
  • Research
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Travelling

Expenses I incur on your behalf will be charged separately to fees. Expenses may include, for example, travel, accomodation and subsistence, purchase of plans and documents, copying/printing costs and payment of sub-contractors.

Once we have agreed the scope of what you require me to do I will provide you with a written estimate of the likely costs. If this changes I will notify you in writing.

Depending on the nature of the case I may require a payment on account at the commencement of the work and will bill you monthly thereafter. This avoids you being faced with a large bill at the conclusion of the work (and helps my cashflow!).

Where agreed with you I will undertake certain work at fixed costs. These areas are the preparation of section 106 agreements for £700 where there is no mortgage or encumbrance (£800 in other cases); and appeals proceeding by written representations or informal hearings at an agreed figure. Public inquiries will be charged at the hourly rate. Expenses and disbursements will be payable in addition to fees.

If you have any questions about fees please contact me using the Contact me page.