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Actress Anna Friel’s planning problem



Actress Anna Friel has been ordered by the Local Planning Authority in Windsor to demolish or rebuild an extension to her home in the Royal Borough.

The Marcella and Brookside actress has built a one-storey extension at her Grade II listed house, but the Council say it has not been built in accordance with a planning permission granted in 2014 and repeated requests to make changes to the building have been ignored.

Windsor Urban Development Control Panel chairman Malcolm Alexander told the BBC,

“We have had months and months and months of negotiation and persuasion, that has all just been ignored. It is very unfortunate, she is a very well respected and high profile resident. But we have to be consistent, we can’t make exceptions”.

The actress said in a statement,

“[I] want to reassure the necessary authorities that any final cosmetic requirements that need to be undertaken will be done within the allocated remedy period”.

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