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Not a whole lotta love

It seems that there’s not a whole lotta love lost between neighbours Led Zepplin guitarist Jimmy Page and Take That singer Robbie Williams, and it’s not about differing musical tastes.

Robbie’s plans to revamp his multi-million pound mansion in Holland Park have gone down like a lead (or even a led) balloon with Mr Page who says the proposal could damage his house and result in Mr Williams overlooking him.

Robbie bought his 46 room (yes, 46) house for £17.5 million following the death of previous owner, the late film director Michael Winner.

Jimmy has lived next door since 1972 and is very protective of the house’s illustrious history. It was built by acclaimed Victorian architect William Burges and was later saved from demolition by the poet John Betjeman and the writer Evelyn Waugh.

Williams, 40, and his wife Ayda Field have applied for planning permission to revamp their house to create a “contemporary standard of family life”, including making changes to the garden and the internal layout as well as replacing the glass in the roof of its glass studio, but Mr Page says the excavations and partial filling in of the swimming pool could lead to vibrations and structural damage to his house.

He is also concerned that a proposed new window will be at a height which will lead to overlooking of the side of his house and rear garden.

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