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Sex fetish dungeon granted planning permission

Princess Lucina (a.k.a. Lorraine White) has obtained planning permission from Stockport Council to transform a warehouse into a sex fetish dungeon.

The fetish club was discovered in 2012 when firemen were unable to obtain entry (apparently there was a fire so they were on business not pleasure). The princess was fined £8000 for health and safety offences which in itself was not strange given that the dungeon was equipped with handcuffs, chains and “other restraining devices”, although apparently the fines related to means of escape in case of fire.

The Princess restricts activities to “mild [however that term is defined] fetish play” involving “a lot of humiliation, doing domestic work [sounds to Exeter Planning a bit like marriage], and dressing up in women’s clothes”. So ensuring that she sticks to the terms of her planning permission is going to be an interesting time for Stockport’s enforcement officers.

A, presumably straight faced, Council spokesman said “The proposal will improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the area.

It therefore comprises sustainable development and the local planning authority worked pro-actively and positively to issue the decision without delay”.

As one commentator noted, “If she is a dominatrix, she should not have asked for planning permission; she should have demanded it”




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