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Planning Law is NOT boring

Who says Planning Law is boring?

A recent blog from a large regional law firm said this,

“The key issue considered in this case [Kestrel Hydro v Secretary of State] was the circumstances in which a local authority may issue a planning enforcement notice in respect of an unlawful change of use requiring the removal of buildings. As operational development, were such works immune from enforcement after four years?”

Do I have your undivided attention? No?

Perhaps the Daily Mirror report is more to your taste,

“Sex dungeon at nudist spa with kinky cages to be bulldozed after losing High Court battle” [actually the case ended up in the Court of Appeal]

“A sex dungeon where randy guests can use cages and harnesses to satisfy their lust is set to be bulldozed after a High Court ruling.”

“The Kestrel Hydro Naturist Spa lost its battle to save the x-rated facility after the council said the dungeon was unsuitable for Green Belt land”  [Does that imply it would have been “suitable” outside the Green Belt?]


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