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Beach hut on market for £225,000, including sea “glimpses”

A four metre square beach hut in Dorset has gone on the market for £225,000.

It has no bathroom, mains electricity or running water and only has glimpses of the sea, but is on the hugely popular Mudeford [yes, it’s pronounced Muddyford] Spit, near Christchurch.

The estate agent dealing with the sale said, (in true estate agent fashion), the fact that the hut is a “little dated” is a bonus rather than a problem. He said, “the hut has been in the same family for donkey’s years. It has got potential for people to put their own style on it. It has a living space [nice], an integral bedroom [whatever one of those is], and a mezzanine level [!]”. He claimed it could sleep up to ten people!

However to see the sea, the owners will need to stand on the top step leading to the decking and look to the left. The view directly to the front of the hut is of sand dunes and grass.

A couple of drawbacks (apart from the lack of a bathroom, electricity and water) are that the hut is next to a public toilet block and is a 30 minute walk from the nearest parking space (although there is a novelty train, although presumably not at all times).

Dorset beach hut on market for £225,000

Photo: Corin Messer/Bournemouth Echo/BNPS

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