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Posh sex dungeon may be breach of planning control

A dominatrix could be forced to close her posh suburban sex dungeon after neighbours
complained to police about the noise of whipping.

The kinky resident – known as Mistress Evilyne – runs one of the UK’s top sex parlours from her four-bedroom home on a leafy London street.

But now police have stepped-in after neighbours on the millionaires’ row complained about the sounds of screams, whipping and spanking coming from the detached house.

Last week a neighbour called officers to report noise coming from the £750,000 home and cops were sent to deal with the complaint.

Evilyne, of posh Orpington, Kent, fears that if there are too many complaints from residents she might be forced to close down.

She said: “My business is legal, I’m registered with HMRC and no sexual services are offered. Although Exeter Planning would point out that the “comings and goings” of clients, and noise¬†may constitute a change of use of the premises requiring planning permission.

“People come to us with their fantasies, and we make them come true – anything from being put in a bath of baked beans to being forced to act like a dog. Exeter Planning thinks the use of baked beans is a little “common”.

“We are not loud and I don’t know what the neighbours are complaining about.

“They think I’m running a brothel, and I’m not – maybe they should come for a visit to see for themselves.

“There is a lack of understanding about fetishes, and men generally keep it a secret from everyone in their life – maybe some of the wives around here are worried about their husbands.”

Evilyne lives in the detached home with her partner, who is also a dominatrix called Governess Ely, for the last two years.

The kinky ‘Dungeon Manor’ is well-hidden by the white facade and is also hired out to touring mistresses as a convenient place to stay while visiting “slaves” in London.

But neighbours are fuming about the kinky goings-on at the house – which are completely legal. {At least as far as the criminal law is concerned (Exeter Planning)}.

One neighbour said: “It’s ridiculous – there are children living here and all you can hear all day is ‘slap slap scream’ coming from the house.

“They ought to go and do it somewhere else.”

Another resident, who asked not to be named, said: “We turned a blind eye for a while, but there is so many people coming there at all hours of day and night that we’re worried for our own safety.

“The noise they make sometimes gets too much too. And there’s always camera equipment coming in or leaving.

“You don’t want your children growing up around a BDSM sex dungeon.” (BDSM? Is Exeter Planning naive in failing to understand what this means?)

But Evilyne, who was a former pastry chef and graduate of Exeter University, reckons that bondage is fast becoming all the rage, and hopes to carry on working.

She even rents out her dungeon – complete with sex props – to kinky couples who want to try out ‘mummy porn’ romp-fest 50 Shades of Grey for themselves. (Oops, commercial use of a dwellinghouse almost certainly needs planning permission says Exeter Planning)

Evilyne added: “A lot of couples in their 50s or so who are middle class want to have fun and try new things but can’t do it at home because they have kids.”

The Metropolitan Police are aware of officers attending the scene, but have not yet commented.

The feud between a dominatrix and her neighbours reached such heights that armed police swooped on the kinky dungeon.

Mistress Evilyne rented her home to a porno production company who were filming a scene at her front door. (More commercial use)

Two actors dressed as police played with “toy plastic truncheons” but an angry neighbour called in the Met Police who deployed an armed response.

Police confirmed that officers took a trip to the suburban sex dungeon after neighbours made a noise complaint.

But officers were satisfied that no crime had taken place and did not feel the need to handcuff the dominatrices. (For which the said dominatrices may have been disappointed)

A Met Police spokesman said: “We haven’t made any arrests but there has been a call to the location in the last week. That was a noise complaint about filming that was going on.”

Staff at Knoll Orpington Lawn Tennis Club, situated just behind the Mistress Evilyne’s home, have written to the Met to complain about her kinky activities.

Evilyne said: “These nay-sayers hide their identity behind their twitchy curtains as they grumble about me.

“The police were indeed called to the property recently, and that was by my next door neighbour who didn’t like the fact that a production company who had rented the property for the day chose to film a scene at the front door, with two actors dressed as policemen, being opened up to by two others who were acting out a couple having a domestic argument.

“After coming over and swearing at the crew, who told her that they were now done filming outside, and apologised profusely for any disturbance, she retreated and called the police saying that people were running around with guns outside the property.

“An armed response unit was called out, but when the police arrived and saw that there was nothing more than a couple of kiddy toy plastic truncheons, they left.”

The mistress also struck out against the tennis club for claiming children may be able to see lewd goings-on in her home.

Evilyne said: “They will be hard pressed to see anything happening. There are a fence, trees, and a long garden between the club and here.

“We hear coaches screaming at children all day long from the house.

“If they hear the crack of a whip, it’s me practising my circus skills in the garden. There is absolutely no law against learning how to fancy whip in your own garden.”

A direct neighbour spoke of her ”horror ” living next door to Evilyne and her suburban sex dungeon.

The single mother-of-two who has been living in the area for ten years described her situation as a ”nightmare come true”

The mum said that Orpington is a “family oriented, quiet area” and not the kind of place to be running a BDSM business.

There is a nursery at the end of the road and young mothers are regularly walking up and down the street.

Her relationship with Evilyne began amicably, she called her an intelligent and articulate woman.

The neighbour, who describes herself as open minded, said: “It all became too much when we kept hearing noises.”

Business, she said, picked up when the dungeon was put in around October last year.

Her teenage son then saw a hand cuffed man being whipped from the garden.

The woman said: “We’re all living in fear – these loud sex parties are spilling out into the back garden and getting out of hand. I hope it gets shut down.

“It’s affecting house prices too – who would want to live next to that? The people who use these services are not normal.” (Voyeurs?)

The angry mum added: “It’s not funny, it’s completely sinister and my daughter who grew up here doesn’t feel like this is her family home anymore.

“I should be able to enjoy my back garden, my kids should be able to enjoy their back garden, without hearing that filth.”

Exeter Planning notes that the views of the Local Planning Authority were not reported. They are perhaps wisely keeping their heads down in the absence of a direct complaint to them.

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