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No candy stripes in Kensington



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A west London borough has issued a notice ordering a homeowner to remove the red and white stripes that they painted on their house in protest at a bitter planning dispute.

According to press reports neighbours believe the owner painted the house in Kensington after they they objected to his plans to demolish the building, excavate a basement and build a replacement dwelling above.

Six planning applications have been made in respect of the property since 2013 of which four have been refused by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Two of the refusals were allowed on appeal, although both of the appeal decisions are being challenged in the High Court.

The council has served a section 215 notice (which the Local Planning Authority can serve when they consider the state of land is having an adverse effect on the “amenity” of the area) requiring the property to be repainted back to its original white.

A spokesman for the council said,

“The property is situated within the Kensington Square Conservation Area and its condition and appearance has attracted numerous complaints to the council’s planning enforcement team. In addition to the exterior being painted red and white stripes, the property’s window frames are in a poor condition.

The owner has the right to appeal the notice by 5 June 205 in the magistrates’ court but, if no appeal is forthcoming [Exeter Planning thinks it highly unlikely that there will not be an appeal], the owner must repaint the front elevation white and carry out repairs to the windows by 5 July 2015.

If the notice is not complied with by 5 July 2015 then the council can enter the property and carry out the necessary works. Furthermore the council can charge the owner for the costs in carrying out the works and prosecute them in the magistrates’ courts”

Exeter Planning thinks this will run and run


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