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Escape to the country?

You may remember the story posted on July 26th about dominatrix Mistress Evilyne

Her Orpington sex dungeon has become so popular that her neighbours in the sleepy Kent suburb have complained about the noise, and frankly fruity goings-on in the detached home’s garden.

Mistress Evilyne seems to have reached the limit of her patience with the complainers, and has decided to relocate to a more isolated location. But country houses with extensive gardens don’t come cheap – so she’s asking for your help in creating a safe haven for dominant women to spank consenting gentlemen in peace.

Her appeal is running through Crowdfunder.

She says: “I never meant to upset anyone. At the time that I moved here, my operation was a small one and unnoticeable.

“Now it has grown, and with it, I have outgrown this house.

“Please help me raise the money to buy a nice country property from where we can continue to spread the word about ethical kink and where we can all live out our fantasies without upsetting any neighbours.” Exeter Planning is not sure what “kink” is “ethical” and what is not; answers on a postcard please

Any consenting gentlemen who want to help with the move, and wouldn’t mind being told off a bit, can contact Mistress Evilyne through her (not altogether safe for browsing at your place of work) website.

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