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Crime doesn’t pay (in Lambeth anyway)

Gilbert Garrick was warned by the Local Planning Authority that to rent out his property as flats required planning permission, but he went ahead anyway.

Unsurprisingly the Council served an enforcement notice requiring the cessation of the use of the property as flats. Mr Garrick appealed and the appeal was dismissed.

Despite this he continued to rent out the flats and was, again unsurprisingly, prosecuted.

He was fined £30,000 and ordered to pay the Council’s costs of £15,000, but the real sting in the tail was that the Court confiscated £382,000 of the unlawful profit from renting the flats in breach of the enforcement notice.

The Council’s cabinet member for Housing said, “Let this be a lesson to anyone else who thinks they can cheat their way to a profit. Lambeth will always pursue rogue landlords through the courts to protect our residents from exploitation”.

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