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Council forces sale over untidy garden

“The Jungleman” aka Adrian Woodyatt has been ordered to sell his house by the Local Planning Authority, Gloucester City Council, because of the massively overgrown state of his garden.

The weeds in Mr Woodyatt’s garden have been allowed to grow up to 15 feet in height despite repeated requests from neighbours and the planning department.

In a highly unusual move councillors have voted to enforce a sale of the house which is thought to be worth in the region of £150,000.

Mr Woodyatt owns two houses in Nine Elms Road, Gloucester. One in which he lives and the other which has been empty for several years.

The Council began to receive complaints about the state of the garden in 2011 which led the planning authority to issue a “section 215” notice requiring the state of the property to be remedied.

When the notice was not complied with the Council took Mr Woodyatt to Gloucester Magistrates’ Court where he was fined £600 and ordered to pay £2,055 costs.

But (in Exeter Planning’s experience, not unusually) prosecution had little long tern effect and the Council had to undertake work themselves. The law allows the Council to recover the cost of this from the owner of the property and it is because of this outstanding debt that the Council has the right to sell the property to recover the costs.


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